QST is delighted to present our R2.9i (2.9mm) project at two Four Square Church campuses

Late September (2018), QST was approached by the church’s AV integrator, Novogroup out of San Francisco to complete this project. As it turns out, the church was to host a women’s conference at the beginning of October.

Based on the record time of only 7 days production and 5 days in shipping. With QST’s having the longest lead-time parts in stock, 4 consecutive overnight shifts, and with all involved deemed to be divine favor, we were able to finish this project on time. A technical crew flown all the way from Pittsburgh spent 3 days and nights to do the final installation and configuration.

During the women’s conference the congregation were wowed by the level of clarity the video wall brought to the stage. Consultants were amazed at the Super HDR that was manifest in the level of gray scale and refresh rate utilizing QST’s “Ultra HDR” technology–1st of its kind. The screen quality was close to 90% of the industry leading solution but at only 40% of the cost.

The AV director of the church said that the installation of the screen was a “game-changer” for the congregation as far as in attendance, the level of experience and even the level of tithe income as the big screen can now be seen across the world through the Church’s streaming ministry. The screens really helped establishing credibility with the congregation on the church’s long-term investment and involvement and as the result, the overall moral and giving went up as the result.

We were told the church was initially offered a 3.6mm screen from a leading supplier. 2.9mm vs 3.6mm may not seem to be a step up but it’s actually a 54% increase in pixel count. The resolution is much sharper and the church got the most bang for its AV dollars.

“It’s a win-win-win-win for all involved, the congregation, the church, the faith-based supplier, and finally the Kingdom” remarked John Hu the President and CEO of QST LED.

As a faith-based company, we believe in giving back to the local community and the House of Worship market is a major focus for QST. We will continue to provide clients with technical overview tips and related news regarding relevant projects.

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