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Seriously Saves Juice; Now Extremely Light 3

Nowadays, many products are being touted as "Green" or "Low-Carbon", our Eco series digital billboard truly fits the bill with up 70% over traditional LED displays. With the hardware, logic, and software infrastructure designed from the ground up to be the most power conscious product in its peer class. Our 20mm 14'x48' is running at an incredible 40amp draw, with the 15mm running at a mere 46A draw. Approaching half the weight of comparable products from Daktronics, Yesco or Watchfire, the display portion (excluding structure) is merely 3500lbs for a 14' x48'!


• Ultra Bright LEDs enables longevity at lower brightness or super brilliance during the day
• Remote Monitoring and onboard intelligence for peace of mind 
• Rugged construction with lightweight aluminum enclosure
• Multiple brightness and control method. [Automatic and Timed control]

• Easy front or back service maintenance.
• Stable and reliable design for low service 99.9% up-time
• Easy to use Quest Player software
• Optional redundant intelligent power supplies
• LiveFeed hourly email updates for easy monitoring

Common Applications:

Digital Billboard Conversion and Retrofit
• DOOH Spectacular


  Standard (20mm)  High Def (16mm)




3500 lbs

Jr. Bulletin


1875 lbs

11amp 12 amp
1040 lbs
                                                                                                                 Total per face amperage and weight

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