New Rhino™ Touring Panels for 2019

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  • Patented Fast Locks
  • ONE Man Operation
  • Curvable
  • Climbable
  • Front/Rear Service
  • Slated for 2019 RELEASE!

QST is a boutique LED screen manufacturer with over 12 years of experience and 10’s of millions of dollars of LED screens deployed in North America.  Our LED screens have been associated with fine organizations such as the NBA, NFL, NHL, NASCAR, LPGA, USOC, and FIFA World Cups.  As an American company with low-cost manufacturing subsidiaries, we take pride in designing in top-tier components and delivering high quality, reasonably priced screens with local inventory and technical and sales services.  Learn more: or

Dispelling the LED 100,000-Hour Myth

By: John Hu (QST LED) When asked how long an LED screen will last, many cite the commonly regurgitated “100,000 hours.” In this article, we reexamine this claim and whether it accurately reflects reality. Many companies’ marketing materials tout the “100,000 hours” lifetime claim while neglecting the fact that this is a generalized prediction calculated … Read moreDispelling the LED 100,000-Hour Myth

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