Breakthrough ClearCoating™ of Modules

QST LED presents the latest front coating technology in the market: The ClearCoating™ of LED modules. The ClearCoating™ can coat the front of the modules with a protective layer. Thanks to the fact that it’s transparent, it will not affect any visual effect of your modules. The invisible layer offers you many advantages in terms … Read moreBreakthrough ClearCoating™ of Modules

NanoArmour™ Nano™ Panel Video Compilation

Share on facebook Facebook Share on google Google+ Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Fall Head-Over-Heels for the 4th Generation NanoArmour™  Corner Impact Protection 50X of Conventional SMDs Defective Rate Less than 1/10 of Conventional SMDs PixelGuard™ Option (Metallic “Shell” around the whole module) 4th Gen, $9 million and R&D team from former … Read moreNanoArmour™ Nano™ Panel Video Compilation

Innovador ClearCoating ™ de módulos

QST LED presenta la última tecnología de revestimiento frontal del mercado: ClearCoating ™ de módulos LED. ClearCoating ™ puede cubrir el frente de los módulos con una capa protectora. Gracias a que es transparente, no afectará la imagen de tus módulos y te ofrecerá muchas ventajas en cuanto a duración y resistencia. Además, la capa … Read moreInnovador ClearCoating ™ de módulos

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