QST Proclaim™2.9i panels adorn the sanctuary at the Laguna Nigel Presbyterian Church.

“We love the LED walls! They look amazing and fit our sanctuary nicely!” A view from ~20ft from the screen QST is a boutique LED screen and LED video wall manufacturer with 10’s of millions of dollars of LED screens deployed in North America since 2007. Our LED screens have been associated with fine organizations … Read moreQST Proclaim™2.9i panels adorn the sanctuary at the Laguna Nigel Presbyterian Church.

Breakthrough ClearCoating™ of Modules

One of most challenging question facing indoor or semi-outdoor LED screen applications is how to protect the electronics against the humidity in the air. QST LED presents the latest front coating technology in the market: The ClearCoating™ of LED modules. The ClearCoating™ can coat the front of the modules with a protective layer. Thanks to … Read moreBreakthrough ClearCoating™ of Modules

NanoArmour™ Nano™ Panel Video Compilation

Share on facebook Facebook Share on google Google+ Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Fall Head-Over-Heels for the 4th Generation NanoArmour™  Corner Impact Protection 50X of Conventional SMDs Defective Rate Less than 1/10 of Conventional SMDs PixelGuard™ Option (Metallic “Shell” around the whole module) 4th Gen, $9 million and R&D team from former … Read moreNanoArmour™ Nano™ Panel Video Compilation

New Tiburon™ Panels for 2019/2020

  • Touring (TR) | Installation (TI)
  • 2.6i, 3.9i/O 4.8i/O (i – Indoor, O – Outdoor)
  • One-Man Operable
  • Patented Kingpin Fast Lock (1/2 Time Setup and Strike)
  • Tool-Less Front/Rear Service
  • Climbing Service
  • Curvable 10/15°
  • 2 Panel Types Mixed-Use
  • Neutrik® AND1 Connectors
  • UltraHDR™ Image Processing
  • Fly or Ground Stack
  • ETL Compliant

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