MantaRay Series Introduction

  1. MantaRay Series 

  • MantaRay series LED displays for stage rental, flexible and fixed applications

  • The carbon fiber Frame for lightweight, thin and strong LED displays

  • Smart components design enable easy install, teardown, front and back servicing

  • Concave and convex curving capabilities apply for creative idea projects

  • Lightweight and slim design can save costs on shipping and labor

  1. Products feature and specification

  • Cabinet size: 500mm X 1000mm, thickness: ≤66mm.

  • Pixel pitch range: indoor & outdoor 6.9mm, 10.4mm.

  • Weight: ≤ 10 Kg/sqm.

  • Cabinet made by carbon fiber frame.

  • Apply for indoor and outdoor ( Outdoor ≥IP65 ).

  • Support front and back servicing.

  • Easy and fastest installation, 4 simple movements would be enough.

  • Free-standing and hanging applications.

  • Have LCD panel backside with test function.

  • Weight capacity ≥600Kg ( can hanging 80m height )

Concave and convex curving capabilities, 90°Corner designCabinet
thecarbon fiber frame will be different.


MantaRay: MantaRay series


CT SeriesMantaRay6.9MantaRay7.8MantaRay10.4
Pixel Pitch (mm)6.97.8110.4
LED TypeSMD 1921SMD1921SMD 3535
Module Size (mm)250 x 125250 x 125250 x 125
Module Resolution (W x H)36 x 1832 x 1624 x 12
Cabinet Size (W x H x D)500 x 1000 x 65500 x 1000 x 65500 x 1000 x 65
Cabinet Resolution72 x 14464 x 12848 x 96
Cabinet weight (Kg)555
Pixel Density (pixels/)20,73616,3849,216
Max Power Consumption (W/)600600600
Avr Power Consumption (W/)200200200
Viewing Angle Horizontal140°140°140°
Viewing Angle Vertical120°120°120°
Gray Scale14 bit14 bit14 bit
Refresh Rate (Hz)384038403840
Frame Rate (Hz)50/60 Hz50/60 Hz50/60 Hz
Color Temperature (K)6500 K6500 K6500 K
Input Voltage (V)100~240V AC, 50 ~ 60Hz100~240V AC, 50 ~ 60Hz100~240V AC, 50 ~ 60Hz
Working Temperature-20 to 60 ℃-20 to 60 ℃-20 to 60 ℃
Storage Temperature-40 to 80 ℃-40 to 80 ℃-40 to 80 ℃
Operating Humidity10% to 80%10% to 80%10% to 80%
Lifetime (hours)100,000100,000100,000

Back view

Side view

Side view

Nontransparent cabinet

LED wall

  1. Function

  • The CT series front and back servicing

  • The MantaRay series support backside servicing

  • The control box could take from backside quickly.

  • The MantaRay series front servicing and operation

  • The modules could taken out from front side easily by tool.

  • Modular and common components design enable front & back service, easy install,

teardown. convenient to replace every parts,

such as Module, control box, lock, carbon fiber Front and back servicing frame, handles…

  • The MantaRay series support backside servicing

Solo installation:

Easy and fastest installation, only need 4 simple movements would be enough

The 2 locks on the top of the carbon frame have hooks, when hook the hook to the upper cabinet people could release the two hands. pull the hand down then could look the locks on the top; then can lock the side locks.

Fixed installation and windproof design

On the carbon fiber have metal registration mast and

hole site. That’s design for fixed installation, just need

some accessories; For the outdoor hanging

installation if have strong wind, combine withFast hanging installation, fixed installation and windproof design
windproof system to ensure the screen safety.

  • Concave and convex curving capabilities

  • Apply for concave and convex installation, – 12 to +15 angle degree adjustable. For

90°Corner design the carbon fiber frame will be different design.

  • When install the screen one hand little bit up and another hand little bit down will be more comfortable, considering people right-handedness & left-handedness we design four handle on the back of the panel.


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